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Lecture 11

PSYC 358 Lecture 11 Discursve Psychology

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PSYC 358
Sherri Atwood

PSYCHOLOGY 358 LECTURE 11: DISCURSIVE PSYCHOLOGY Data taken from (1) natural occurring talk, (2) interviews – i.e. talk shows, and (3) phone talk *uses details in transcripts [], (.), > Looks at... - How do people use psychological concepts in everyday life - Academic study of common sense - Interested in thinking about the way we use language in socially conventional ways and the way we use language to talk about mind+inner states in interaction to do certain things o “I believe” or “in my opinion” DOES asserting one’s beliefs while not being held responsible for information - Looks at how language is a cultural resource for doing certain interactional things like discounting, softening the blow, factualizing, getting the upper hand, avoiding or giving blame, and extreme case formulations (ECF) to do being racist, sexist, etc - Looks at the categories people use, categories they put
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