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Lecture 9

PSYC 362 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Relational Aggression, Domestic Violence, Psychopathology

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PSYC 362
Rebecca Cobb

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Chapter 8 (284-297): Physical Aggression
Different perspectives on aggression  different results
oFamily sociology perspective: equal rates of aggression, or more by women
oAdvocacy perspective: men almost always perpetrators, women victims
oSampling aggression differently
Family sociologist: not studying most aggressive couples in large numbers, used
national surveys
Extreme acts rarer, less likely to be reported
Advocacy: national crime surveys, battered women – under sample less severe
Types of aggression
Types of Aggression
Situational couple violence
oExchange escalates, less severe acts more common
oWomen and men equal
oControl specific dispute
Intimate terrorism
oAlmost always man
oAggression by one partner to dominate partner
oMore about individual psychopathology of perpetrator, than relationship dynamics
Conflict Tactics Scales (CTS)
oMeasures what happens when partners disagree over past year (aggression)
oNegotiation strategies, psyc aggression, physical assault, sexual coercion, extent of
Missing context of violence
Violent resistance: rarer fighting back, may even kill abuser- rare
oMay be seen as intimate terrorism, but doesn’t recognize
defensive nature
Should be used w/ other info
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