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Lecture 8

PSYC 362 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Attachment Theory

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PSYC 362
Rebecca Cobb

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PSYC 362 WK8 Capitalization
- Capitalization refers to capitalizing good events, eg celebration, sharing it to the
- One can seize the opportunity to capitalize on good fortune
- Lead to higher personal well-being and relationship well-being
- Independent to the +ve effect of the good news
- Benefits of sharing good news to the others depends on the
responsiveness of the others
- “Finding the cloud in the silver lining”: possible for people to
reinterpret your positive events in such a way as to minimize
their +ve impact
- Eg Kim told me about Fraser getting new convertible car,
and I said “oh, but they always leak”
Different kinds of reaction
- Generally, active-constructive responses → relationship satisfaction
- Passive constructive response will harm relationship satisfaction
- Partner doesn’t see the event as important
- Partner doesn’t see the relationship as important
- Partner feels threatened, jealous, or is distracted by personal concerns
- we may feel disappointed and unhappy as time goes on and feel that the
partner doesn’t value who we are
- Langston looked at how sharing can have benefits
- Gable extended this by looking at how perceptions of our partners when we share can
influence the benefits we receive
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