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Lecture 11

PSYC 363 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Status Quo, Collective Action, Collective Identity

Course Code
PSYC 363
Scott Neufeld

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June 14th lecture
Sexism: gender-based prejudice and power to discriminate
Levels of analysis
Majority people: language advantage
Improving intergroup relations: reducing prejudice
- Education, dialogue,
Potential meso-level approach: cross-group contact, individual personal relationship
The contact hypothesis
The basic premise: interaction/ contact between members of different groups can, under a
prescribed set of conditions → more positive intergroup attitudes + behaviors
- How individual → group attitude change?
Level of intervention
Contact between individuals → face-to-face interpersonal interactions (Meso level)
Does it work? (is it really better?)
515 students of content
Negative relationship between contact + prejudice
True for other kinds: race/ethnicity…
Causal direction? Both experiments & correlational studies
Cross group contact < -- -- > Reduced prejudice
When does it work?
“Allport’s Optimal Conditions”
Equal status, common goals & interdependence, cooperation, supportive norms, voluntary
not forced
Make it more likely
Reduction in “intergroup anxiety”
Re-evaluation of out-group
- Change stereotypes
- Change implicit emotions
Re-evaluation of in-group
- See ingroip
- Self & others: open possibility of we are the only way to do things
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