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PSYC 370
Robert Ley

L6 Neo Freudians AdlerFebruary27131203 PMBefore Alfred AdlerBiological vs psychological approach on personalityIn the Early 1900s there were more biological conceptions of personality eg Hippocratesthe bodily humoursPhrenologistsbelieved you can describe personality based on typographyconfiguration of the skull convexconcave of skull pointed to brain as source of personality Trait approaches In mid19th century Darwin influenced lots of those after him such as Freud Mutation natural selection survival of fittestHuman has biologically evolved from lesser animalsmammalian forms retains biological instincts19th centuryLombroso Italian criminologist analyzed facialbodily appearancestature of incarcerated criminals or criminal insane to find distinctive features that criminal population shareeg beady eyes pronounced jaw low foreheadReflects popular notions that the public holdform about criminals What makes a person creepy something about the way they actlook someone unhygienic didnt cleanshave quiet Kretschmerstudied peoples body typebuild correlating with different kinds of mental illness or personality disturbancestypes Pyknic rotund courtly physicOutgoing sociable entertaining humorous Prone to bipolar manic depressive disturbancesAthletic muscular Prone to antisocial behaviours aggression violence interpersonal disturbances Asthenic thin lean tallProne to social anxietyfears introverted shy schizoidPicked up and followed up by William SheldonEndomorphspyknic Oral personality Freud sociable like described above Prone to alcohol disorderMesomorphsathletic Risk taking aggressiveviolentEctomorphsasthenic Shy socially withdrawnisolated restrained in expressionemotions Rated them on 17 point scale of each numerical ratings specified which build they hadassociated temperament stylesA very biological explanation of personality The life of Adler Born in 1870 in Vienna 15 yrs younger than Freud 5 yrs older than Jung Grew up in a Jewish family had little interested in the Jewish faithculture later converted to Christianity Upper middle class father was grain merchant so material needs were met One of 6 children later influenced his interest in influence of birth position on personality Had a big brother named Sigmund was rivals withHad lots of serious illnessailment as a childpneumonia5yo almost died from it ricket bone problem caused by vitamin dP370 Personality Page 1
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