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Lecture 3

PSYC 376 Lecture 3: Week 3-6- Lecture- Jan 23-Feb 6

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PSYC 376
Trishia Coburn

Jan. 23, 17 PreClassical and Classical Theory The Devil Made me do it all theories were historically rooted in religious philosophy Good vs. Evil The Classical School of Criminology The Classical School Mideighteenth century Era of enlightenment Humans possessed freewill Humans are rational, calculation actors Engaged in a social contract Criminal behaviour as a choice Criminal behaviour as a process of costbenefit analysis Punishments used as a measure of deterrence Law applied evenly, regardless of individual circumstance Definition of rationality is influenced differently Classical Theories Emphasized the individual criminal as a person who is capable off calculating what he or she wants to do Based on freewill rather than determinism Philosophy that behaviour o Guided by hedonism (doing what feels good, avoid what feels bad, decisions guided by pleasure to self) Cesare De Beccaria (1700s) Protested the many inconsistencies in government And the management of public affairs Proposed various reforms that make criminal justice more logical and rational Objected to: o Randomand personal justice He encouraged swift, concise, consistent and just punishments Tried to apply to logical of rationality and theories of deterrence Deterrence punishment must occur quickly, and severely but not too severely o Severe and barbaric punishments Punishment must fit the crime the punishment of just deserts Jeremy Bentham and the Panopticon Dynamic and static security o Appears to rationality and deterrence (feeling of constant supervision)
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