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PSYC 385
Timothy Racine

Senescence breakdown in biological function occurring as we reach max age Senex Latinold man Intrinsic mortality death due to organisms aging processes natural causes Extrinsic mortality death due to environmental causes beyond your control predation starvation final exams etc Senescence is presumably not in your best interests but it might be good when it comes to propagating your genes 012345678946731254A4B4C2DSo back to sexual selection King Clone has lived for 11700 years Maletomale competitionweapons It started out as a Female choiceornaments small bushgradually How is sexual selection potentially grew outwards for the involved in human mating entire Holocene What is Apostolous 2014 critique of What about Turritopsis existing theories of sexual selection dohrnii What about Ray How compelling did you find his article Kurzweils singularity and arguments roll the video 9467367143747116E4711B74614FHopefully the fact that there is an The statistics of evolutionary purpose to your death might intrinsic mortality make you feel a little better about it US figures Taking a historical perspective on this At age 60 more cheerful topic might have one reflect on than 50 free from some possible functions of religious belief noncontagious A reason for humans to exist diseases like heart A justification for our immanent death disease and cancer A promise of immortality This figure drops to Evolutionary theory provides all 3 too about 30 at 85Ie life may be short but genes live forever 1 2
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