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Resource & Environmtl Mgmt
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Neil Braganza

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th REM 100 Notes Nov 16 2012 AGROBIODIVERSITY • Local knowledge and culture are integral parts of agrobiodiversity; • Humans agriculture practices shape and conserve this important subset of biodiversity; • Male and female land managers (farmers) actively manage the systems that foster agrobiodiversity; • Crop diversity within species is at least as important as diversity between species; • Conservation of agrobiodiversity in production systems is inherently linked to sustainable use rather than preservation (conservation areas). Agrobiodiversity can help to: - Increase productivity, food security, and economic returns; - Reduce agricultural pressure on fragile areas, forests and endangered species; - Create more stable, robust and sustainable farming systems; - Contribute to sound pest and disease management; - Conserve soil and increase natural soil fertility and health - Foster sustainability intensified agriculture - Diversify products and income opportunities - Reduce or spread risks to individuals and nations - Help maximize effective use of resources and the environment - Reduce dependency on external inputs - Improve human nutrition and provide sources of medicines and vitamins and; - Conserve ecosystem structure and stability of species diversity. Zimmerer (1999 and 2003) found that Andean’s capacity to foster agrobiodiversity, growing diverse food plants, is dependent on the farmers’ ability to cultivate both diverse crop types and commercial high yield varieties (HYVs); • In industrial-type agro-chemical based (conventional) agricultural systems, much crop diversity is now held ex situ in gene banks or breeders’ materials rather than on-farm (FAO, as cited above); • Thus it is necessary to contrast conventional’ , agricultural practices; • What are the main e
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