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SA 150 Lecture Notes (11/15/11)

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Sociology and Anthropology
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SA 150
Ann Travers

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SA 150 – Nov 15 Define discrimination and prejudice. Does one have to hold a prejudice to discriminate? 4 ways to address sports and gender injustice a) Eliminate all sex segregated sporting spaces – no men’s only or women’s only - The way racially segregated sports produces social injustice – parallel to gender injustice - Follow practices such as dividing by weight class, height, or ability b) Reorganize sport away from masculinity, competitiveness, and hierarchy for everyone. - I.e. hackey sack – organizing sports in a co-operative way instead of coming up with firsts or second, in a healthy way - Athletes –not role models, playing through with injuries, training until close to injury - Argument: Is viewing competitive sports a good thing? c) Make the gender continuum visible and focus on heroic women athletes as gender troubling figures - Take notice of the differences that the difference between each man is greater than the average man and woman - Bringing out women athletes as role models - Equal recognition & redistribution – Fraser d) Abolish all male-only sporting spaces while maintaining aggregated spaces for girls and women (with soft transgender inclusive boundaries) - Take/show equal opportunity in upbringing sports in women too - San Fran sports (softball?) – transgender and lesbians can play in women’s or mixed league - Provide/keep women’s only arenas as a way to let girls and women develop up to level (until justice is found) - Argument: reverse discrimination? Rawl’s difference principle - discrimination is only acceptable when it serves to reduce the social inequality of marginalized groups - Disabled children (special ed.) put in own class, pushed aside, labelled deviant, now practice integration o Undermines “us” and “them” perception --- shouldn’t view others as below us o Those di
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