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Week 9- Race and Ethnic Relation.docx

Sociology and Anthropology
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Amie Mc Lean

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Week 9 : Race and Ethnic Relation 2013-02-04 12:27 PM
Race: a socially constructed category of peoples that share biologically transmitted traits that members of
society consider important
Can also be historically/ culturally varied
Skin color/ facial features/ hair etc.
Neither fixed or constant phenomenon
Through past 100yrs – division between how its understood through scientific/ intellectually understood
Combinations of charac we assume to be constant aren’t actually – etc. naturally having black skin, blonde
Ethnicity: indicates shared cultural heritage
Socially constructed
Language, religion
There’s a lot of diversity within ethnicities : Ex. Diff types of first nations
Prejudice and Discrimination
Prejudice: a rigid and unfair generalization about a group of people
Beliefs people have about others
Ex. Driving – higher likelihood of black person being pulled over – stolen cars/ other criminal activity –
prejudice and discrimination for people driving
^ another phenomenon as well – white people driving – wont be pulled over unreasonably – being able to
drive w/o being discriminated against
Intersectional Theory
Interplay of race, class, and gender
Ways they result in multiple dimensions of inequality
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Multiracial Feminism
complex ways privileged and disadvantaged in society
race class gender – combine to form matrix of domination – all 3 intersect – inequality or privilege
EX. disadvantage b/c of gender , advantage b/c white
Discrimination : unequal treatment of various groups of people
much to do with actions – not hiring, getting aggressive
intentionally or not – systemic discrim – in police/ school/ institutions
can act as social process – to understand ways in which racism + discrim can enforce e/o
The vicious circle
Stage 1 – prejudice/ Discrim
Stage 2 – social disadvantage
Stage 3- Belief in minorities innate inferiority
which reinforced prejudice and discrim and it carries on
Driving while black
Stage 1 – Treated as criminals
Stage 2 – Higher poverty/unemployment
Stage 3 - Reinforced prejudices regarding work
Emily/ Evan vs. Laquisha/Jamal
Name assoc. with white/ black culture job prospects
Randomly assigned names to resumes – mailed out 5000 of them – white sounding name were twice as
likely to get a call back
Improved credentials to resumes to increase likelihood of callbacks for people with white sounding names
but nothing for black names
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