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Sociology and Anthropology
SA 150
Amie Mc Lean

Global stratification and development March-18-13 10:02 AM Story book • Draw connections between your story book and your research paper • How social justice or social inequality is addressed in the story book and how it is accomplished in the story • Rely on sociological evidence and relevant course content--> draw on the social theories talked about in class • In paper: refer to story book and explain what things are meant to represent in the book -->analyzing own story book • 4 academic sources in addition to textbook • Peer review -reviewed by experts in the field • Thesis should make explicit reference to the story book o Thesis should include the type of theory you story takes on o e.g. of good thesis: in this paper, I use a social conflict approach to argue that the recent history of the vandermej family has been significantly influenced by issues of race, class and gender. Making specific reference to the oka crisis the Montreal masacre, I contend that the family has benefited from racial privilege while struggling as a result of class and gender inequality. o Broad thesis: The reason that people in Canada tend to consider polygimaists a deviant counter culture is a reflection of social norms and power dynamics. Specifically polygianists are perceived to be breaking the social norms of monogamy and gender equality held by dominant Canadian society The 8th fire • Seeing the general in the particular • Seeing the strange in the familiar o Challenges our familiar ideas. Shocking for people to learn the mortality rates of 50% of the children in the residential schools. 50% of the first nations education is funded less than regular schools. • See the familiar in the strange. • Seeing personal choice in social context o Young woman that changes her life around. Stereotypes that are easily reinforced Global stratification and development • Issues of global inequality in relation to security • Canada struggles on issues in gender equality • The Gross National Happiness (GNH) measure: measurement of progress and quality of life in the nation • Global stratification: worldwide patterns of social inequality • The greatest inequality exists between nations rather than within them • High income, middle income, low income nations • High income nations: make 80% of the nations income even if they only make up 22% of the population o High income nations: saudi arabia that have median death rates before a person reaches 30 --> within nations there is also social stratification • Low income; 19% make up low income nations and survive on 2% of the worlds income • Global North; vast majority in global north have access to food water (E.g. Canada, US, Britain) • Countries that include North America • Global South • Countries that include Africa, South America • Gender population o In high income countries, a lot of the work that women do can be underpayed, and overlooked. Poor countries, men own 90% of the land. o 70% who are living in poverty are women o In rich nations birth rates have been below replacemnet level-without immigration, population would be shrinking • Having children is seen as a financial commitment with post secondary • High access to birth control, parents have control to delay birth if they belong to high and middle income societies • Issues of gender inequality is an increasing concern in neo-liberalism • Ne
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