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SA150 Chapter1

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Sociology and Anthropology
SA 150
Hilal Ozcetin

Week2 Sept9thSociology the systematic study of social behavior and human groups and also the relationship between the individual and the society Focus on social relationshipsSociologists notice social patterns They recognize that our personal experiences are affected by our class ethnicity gender age and sexual orientationSociological research enables us to discuss social issues in an informed and critical manner It allows us to challenge perceptions such as stereotypesMAIN CONCEPT Soiological imagination important will be shown on examC Wright Mills defined sociological imagination as the sociological imaginationan awareness of the relationship between an individual and the wider society This awareness allows all of us not just sociologists to comprehend the links between our immediate personal social settings and remote impersonal social world that surrounds us and helps to shape usSociological PerspectivePeter Berger defined sociological perspective as the ability to view the world from two distinct yet complimentary perspectives seeing the general in the particular and seeing the strange in the familiar
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