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Lecture 6

Week 6 Reading Summary

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Sociology and Anthropology
SA 335
Rachel Treloar

Short Summaries for Week 6: - Guy, M.E. & Newman, M. (2004). Women’s jobs, men’s jobs: Sex segregation and emotional labor, Public Administration Review, 64(3), 289-299. (11pp) - Yodanis, C. (2000). Constructing gender and occupational segregation: A study of women and work in fishing communities. Qualitative Sociology, 23(3), 267-290. (22pp) - Williams, C. (2013). The Glass Escalator, Revisited: Gender Inequality in Neoliberal Times. Gender and Society. (early view) (18pp) William’s article discussed a concept she wrote about in the past, called the “glass escalator” in which she observed that men were guided to move up in their careers (as if on an escalator). Revisiting this topic, she found that she needed to incorporate racism, homophobia, and class inequality advantage, etc in the concept. She also notes that demands for gender equality at work are not sufficient to address gender inequality, but that an examination of capitalism is needed as well. The Guy and Newman article discusses unpaid emotional labor that women are expected to fulfill even though it is not part of the formal job description. A lack of emotional support can lead them to get fired, or be paid less, whereas men are no
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