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Sociology and Anthropology
SA 335
Amie Mc Lean

SA 335 – Week 4 6/20/2013 9:28:00 PM SA 335: Gender Relations and Social Issues Week 4: Gender & Education May 31, 2013 * Facilitation project - see Aime for participation rating forms on the day of presentation * Women in Canada are more likely to experience violence than men, with intimate partners being the most common perpetrators Aboriginal women are the most likely to be attacked by someone they do not know, and are most vulnerable to sexual attacks in Canada Normative ideas of gender really associate men with violence, including engaging in violence and perpetrating violence Cultural ideas about gender might decrease the likelihood of men reporting violent or sexual attacks Income Assistance and Gender in BC Income assistance for a single person in Vancouver is $610/month  for a single parent with two children, it's $1,036 - what do you think a single person needs to survive per month?  A single parent with two children? ($1,200 for single; $2,500 minimum for single parents with two kids) 80% of single parent homes are headed by women, and the instance of poverty is 50%, and rises to 60% if headed by a woman of a visible minority and 70% if headed by an Aboriginal woman  Employment provisions for income assistance changed in 2002 to include an 'expected to work' category (not including those unable to work due to long-term illness or disability) that requires recipients to show they are actively seeking employment on a regular basis (and show documentation to that effect) and can be cut-off for non-compliance  'Living on Welfare in BC' documentary (2008) showed that many women categorized as 'expected to work' were not ready to be employed (mainly due to health reasons that did not qualify as long-term illness or disability), and when they could not obtain work, they were cut off from income assistance (many times, arbitrarily) and would find themselves homeless within two years and/or engaging in survival prostitution The most prevalent stigma associated with needing income assistance is the 'welfare mom' which alludes to a recipient who scams the system by continuously having children every time she was on the brink of losing assistance  The conclusion of the 'Living on Welfare in BC' documentary indicated the income assistance policies were arbitrary, and worked for some while pushing others deeper into poverty and deprivation - the solution is to create "more nuanced and individualized policies that deal with people's specific realities" Gender in Elementary Education Key concepts (Martin): hidden curriculum, ethnography, agency and resistance  Hidden curriculum refers to implicit and covert lessons that are taught in the classroom, and are part of a society's system of social control o Martin is primarily concerned with how girls and boys and gendered/taught in physi
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