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Lecture 1

STAT 101 Lecture 1: STAT 101 5/8/17

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Simon Fraser University
STAT 101
Timothy Swartz

STAT 101 5817 Lecture 1 Introduction and Descriptive Statistics Summary Chapters 0,1,2,3 concerned w data analysis Data analysis data can come to us in many forms Diff summarizations appropriate for diff forms of data Summarizations can be Graphical Numerical Types of Data Be able to distinguish bw categorical data qualitative data Quantitative data sometimes grouped together in classes Becomes categorical Distinction bw categorical quantitative data may be unclear E.g. time quantitative but Possible to group time variable into years Years may be thought of as categorical Also possible to think of years as quantitative When data can be thought of as quantitative categorical, typically methods for both data also appropriate Graphical Displays Understand type of data for which appropriate to construct Pie charts Bar graphs Histograms Time plots Be able to interpret graphical displays Be familiar w properties of w respect to histograms Shape Centrality Spread Outliers Symmetry Numerical Statistics for Quantitative data Be able to calculate interpret for quantitative data Mean Median
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