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CHEM 25770
Hamid Sodeifi

Conflict theory 1) Conflict theory generally focuses on macro level structures such as class relations or patterns of domination, submission and struggle between people of high and low social standing. 2) Conflict theory shows how major patterns of inequality in society produce social stability in some circumstances and social change in others. 3) Conflict theory stresses how members of privileged groups try to maintain their advantages while subordinate groups struggle to acquire advantages. From this point of view, social conditions at a given time are the expression of an ongoing power struggle between privileged and subordinate groups. 4) Conflict theory typically leads to the suggestion that lessening privilege will lower the level of conflict and increase human welfare. Functionalism 1) Human behavior governed by stable patterns of social relations, or social structures; Patterns of social solidarity influence suicide rates; macrostructures 2) Shows how social structures maintain or undermine social stability; Structural functionalists analyze how parts of society (structures) fit together and how each part contr
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