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Lecture 11

HKIN 215 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Motor Learning, Motor Skill, Ogive

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Human Kinetics
Course Code
HKIN 215
Dr. Melanie Lam

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leaCh. 11 Defining and accessing learning
Performance vs. learning
- Performance: observable act of skill execution
o Temporary stage/change
o May not be due to practice
o May be influenced by performance variables fatigue, motivation, arousal
- Learning: process through which someone acquires capacity to perform a new skill
o Inferred from performance
o Relatively permanent
o Due to practice
o Not influenced by performance variables
What does it mean to make an inference?
- Assumption/conclusion one makes based on evidence
- Ex: inferring a student’s performance based on a test
Definition of learning
- A change in capability of a person to perform a skill; it must be inferred from a relatively permanent
improvement in performance as a result of practice or experience
Characteristics of motor learning
1. Learning produces an acquired capability for skilled movement
o Should get better at it
2. Not directly observable
3. Relatively permanent
o Rules out changes due to performance variables
4. Motor learning is a set of internal processes associated with practice
Performance characteristics: indicators of skill learning
- Improvement
- Consistency
- Stability
- Persistence
- Adaptability
- Reduction in attention demands
- Performance of skill shows improvement over a period of time
- Better at reaching goals than previously
- Warning: learning does not always lead to performance improvement
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