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Lecture 4

HKIN 241 Lecture 4: lecture 4 (one note)

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Human Kinetics
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HKIN 241
Tara Sutherland

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Care & Prevent
Lecture 4
Injury Prevention and Legal Liability:
In sports and recreation there are inherent risks
Assumption of risk-when one competes or partakes in sports they must assume some
risks, ut these ust e “oral “risks.
Coah’s Liability:
The coach must use reasonable care to avoid a foreseeable risk of harm to others.
Coah’s deisios ad atios at the tie of ijury are ritial to the welfare of the
Inappropriate decisions and or actions may jeopardize the injured athlete and lead
to legal action
Legal Term:
Tort- harm done to another for which the law holds the wrongdoer responsible
Negligence- Failure to do what a reasonably careful or prudent person would have done
under the same circumstances or conversely doing something that a reasonably care or
prudent person would not have done under the same or like circumstances
Act of commission acting in an improper way
Act of omission failure to act
Is the state of being legally responsible for the harm one causes another person?
Law suits are usually measured against a standard of care
Standard of care: is defined what another minimally competent individual educated
and practising in that profession would have done in the same or similar
circumstances to protect the individual from harm or further harm
Potentially Negligent Actions:
Failure to provide competent
Failure to provide instruction
Failure to provide proper
Failure to warn
Failure to supervise
Failure to properly treat an
Selection participants
Good Samaritan Law:
Developed to protect citizens who voluntarily provide first aid to an injured person
Coaches and other school personnel due have a duty to provide care and would not be
covered under Good Samaritan Law
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