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Lecture 8

HKIN 241 Lecture 8: lecture 8 (one note)

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Human Kinetics
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HKIN 241
Tara Sutherland

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Care & Prevent
Lecture 8
R= Rest
I= Ice
C= Compression
E= Elevation
This entire process should be repeated for 24 to 72 hours
P- Pressure
Stop or limit the amount of swelling space available and decreasing the amount of
blood available to swell
Tensor wraps, pressure pads, maintain pressure constantly (except night)
I- Ice
Decreases the metabolic rate of the cells, this decreases the effect if the toxins in the
Decreases the need for oxygen, thus decreasing secondary tissue death
Decreases nerve conduction rate, thus decreasing pain. & decreasing blood flow to area,
and decreasing swelling
Use ice bags, frozen veggies, cold tubs, gel packs
Apply for 15-20 every hour for the first 24-48hrs.
E- Elevation
Decreases blood flow to the area
Assisted venous and lymphatic return, aiding in the decreasing of swelling
Elevation means to elevate above the heart as often as possible
R- Rest & Restricted activity
Decrease blood flow to the area
Decreases chance of further injury or re-injury
Need bed rest, sling, crutches, sprain
M- Movement
T Traction
H- Heat
Movement garbage in, garbage
Muscle contraction to move lymph
Elevation drainage
Traction realignment
Heat- blood flow, healing- nutrients
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