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Lecture 30

REL 399 Lecture Notes - Lecture 30: Institute For Operations Research And The Management Sciences, African-American Culture, Black PantherPremium

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REL 399
Ronald Charles

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March 14
Black/ African Diaspora
“Curse on Ham” Myth
“And Noah said ‘Cursed be Canaan! A slave of slaves, a slave to his brothers! Blessed be God,
the God of Shem, but Canaan shall be his slave. God prosper Japheth…But Canaan shall be his
slave” (Genesis 9:25-27).
Canaan: his dad is Noah, Noah cursed him.
Shem is blessed
-out of this text a lot has been said; what has been said has a racial connotation
-Canaan= black sheep, the black one of the family, he is going to be the slave of others, mean-
ing that the black one
=the Blacks are the slave of the slaves
Canaan= bad place, until god tells them to go and get this land and conquer it
-cursed and should be the slaves of others; even the slaves of slaves
-used by Christian slave owners to justify the slavery of Black peoples
-people of Israel are the Shamites
-because uncovered fathers nakedness (used to justify the state of Blacks in slavery);
-anything that is Black is not good
Looking at the fundamentals of
In religious studies= developed within Christianity, but used outside of it now
People who are extremists in their understanding of the faith. It is only their way of under-
standing. Their narrow understanding of the pillars of the faith.
If you are not with them, you are not Christian.
Take pleasure in calling themselves fundamentalists Christians
There is no grey area, its either you are with us or you are not a Christian at all
--This tradition has been spilled out in other religions as well, I.e., fundamentalist Islam
“We are going back to the fundamentals”, with what is at the core of the tradition.
Do not embrace modernity, they want to go to the forefathers
-cannot separate yourself from modernity and technology though (contradictions)
-can be extremely violent (we don’t like what’s going on today)
Gospel Music
A twentieth-century expression of the Black theological dynamic. Its roots go back to the spiri-
tuals and the blues.
Cannot talk about diaspora without mentioning gospel music as a genre.
In the USA, many Blacks have found solace in religion and singing.
A way to talk about their suffering but they are using music as a way of expression.
Profound, sad but also joyus.
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