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Lecture 30

REL 399 Lecture 30: RELS 399 Mar14

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REL 399
Ronald Charles

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March 14 Black African Diaspora TERMS Curse on Ham Myth And Noah said Cursed be Canaan! A slave of slaves, a slave to his brothers! Blessed be God, the God of Shem, but Canaan shall be his slave. God prosper JaphethBut Canaan shall be his slave (Genesis 9:2527). Canaan: his dad is Noah, Noah cursed him. Shem is blessed out of this text a lot has been said; what has been said has a racial connotation Canaan= black sheep, the black one of the family, he is going to be the slave of others, mean ing that the black one =the Blacks are the slave of the slaves Canaan= bad place, until god tells them to go and get this land and conquer it cursed and should be the slaves of others; even the slaves of slaves used by Christian slave owners to justify the slavery of Black peoples people of Israel are the Shamites because uncovered fathers nakedness (used to justify the state of Blacks in slavery); biblical anything that is Black is not good Fundamentalists Looking at the fundamentals of In religious studies= d
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