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Lecture 39

REL 399 Lecture Notes - Lecture 39: Consciousness Raising, Structural Level, African DiasporaPremium

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REL 399
Ronald Charles

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Jan 25, 2016
Rels 399: Black/ African Diaspora
“Dear H.S Teacher”
Curriculum structured to instill one POV; discounts others
“hide the truth”; gap in history? Only taught European history
certain children funnelled into certain pathways through the system
“Pedagogy of the Oppressed”
-different ways of teaching
-co learners
-teacher must be open to learn from students; respect both ways; different-way of engaging
with education
Black students personal relationship; answer more in this class than any other (first black
professor for many students)
Why did Kai end up in the states?
Racism in Canada more invisible; easily ignored; act like it doesn’t exist here
Most black academics end up in the states
USA: clear incentives for black people (want them); undo some of the blatant injustices
No opportunities in Canada; subtlety excludes them from the country
Country is losing some of the best minds
Kai: what 1 individual can do vs. what the larger system can do
-Structural racism is extremely difficult to fight
-So ingrained, so normalized
Strange that we extract Black people in society
i.e., “Today I spoke with a Black person”..
We must get to the point where we view everyone the same
Ch. 6- Calliste
-Consciousness raising individual level and structural level (119)
-Capitalism to justify the past
-All social workers should be involved in anti-racism work (all professionals should)
You need to show an understanding for alternative views.
Racism is a disease; this person is a sick person; show empathy; help them; realize their sick-
-Need to find a remedy to the sickness racism is
-Want what you do to not be in the confinements of structural racism
-A different way of being
Coalition building; all people should come together to stand against racism
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