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Lecture 4

250 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Pedophilia

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Riley L.Olstead

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Deviance and Social Control September 17,
TOPIC: Socially constructed nature of deviance explained via e.g. of
Are there some forms of deviance that are ABSOLUTE?
-NOT murder
-NOT pedophilia
-…Cannibalism? Yes.
Two types of cannibalism
1) Survival cannibalism we are sympathetic towards this type
2) Sexual cannibalism no sympathy
Armon Vice: German man who had a cannibalistic fetish, advertised his
desire for cannibalism then had an applicant who volunteered to be
eaten. Vice interviewed this man to demonstrate that this man was not
insane (so that killing him would not look like murder because the man
consented to his death). Vice ate 20 kg of the man and was then
convicted and served eight and a half years in jail.
Cannibalism is NOT illegal in most countries
Perpetrators convicted on other accounts – manslaughter to satisfy
sexual desires
Sex- underpinning problem
-anything related to sex has more cultural weight
Cannibalism is the ultimate demonstration of the human beings ability
to be an animal, not a citizen
-People who commit cannibalism are considered outside of civilization
-Suggests cannibalism is not a problem for civilization, because if it were it
would deny the law/civilization
Armon Vice – unusual case because the victim CONSENTED to
Cannibalism used to be used as expression of savagery
-Found in small populations
-Exotic/pre civilized
-Christians made cannibalism punishable
-Medicine practice was a form of cannibalism (consummation of blood, body
oSourced from executed criminals
Was cannibalism always bad? Where does cannibalism start and end?
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