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Lecture 21

Soc325 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Radical Transparency

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Stephen Marmura

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December 4 th
, 2015
Continuing from last day.
Fifth debate: can/should the Internet be tamed? Colonized/pacied
space vs. free/innovative space
Always an intent to control by some, always tried to be free by
Open nature to the internet society
Society: Cyber space: counter-cultural
oCreate what you want
Government & industries: information super highway
oHard medium to control
Creating new content (people being creative)
Contain content (internet service provider)
oProvides bandwidth (how long it takes to load a site)
oWall of gardens (Google search engine – some sites show up
over others)
Data from internet is collective and analyzed
oTailored to you (zoned in however to certain things)
User policies (# of things you can download & transmit is
oCan also restrict & get rid of unwanted material (hate sites)
Wiki leaks
oJulien Assange (Australian) hacker
o2006 Wiki leaks page started radical transparency
Government should be held responsible
oDocuments can be shared and viewed
Bradley Manning – transmitted 250,000 les of what was going
on in Afghanistan
Assange shared this information with the New York Times, etc.
Major implications
Said mainstream media was not doing their job – highlights the
watchdog function is dead
oTransparency works the wrong way
Should be the government working for the citizens
However government can do whatever they want. Especially
when citizens go against them.
-In wiki article pg. 245: Wiki haks provides the raw material so people
can make informed opinions
-The net is protected as a watchdog – Collateral murder (videos)
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