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CUST 3580H Lecture 2: WEEK 2 LEC NOTES

WEEK 2 LEC NOTES CUST 3850 Wednesday, January 16, 2019 What Are Comics Comics History Many see the comices produced under the code as inspired, formulaic, shallow, and juvenile 1960s see the emergence of Comix underground,...

Cultural Studies
CUST 3580H
Ihor Junyk
WASC 2000H Lecture 2: Lecture 2 Water Policy

Water Policy Lecture 2 Watershed as a political phenomena Watersheds ranges from very large to very small, nested in one another Watershed relationship o In-stream interests o Riparian (shoreline) interests o Surface to su...

Water Sciences
WASC 2000H
Tahereh Boloori
GEOG 2530H Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Geomorphology, Evapotranspiration, Microporous Material

find more resources at Lecture 2: Hydrology Introduction to the Watershed Unit and the Water Balance Equation Hydrology The study of water, its o...

GEOG 2530H
Catherine Eimers
SOCI 2150Y Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Nomothetic, Operationalization, Dependent And Independent Variables

find more resources at SOCI 3151H Practicing Social Research Peri Ballantyne January 15 , 2019 Lecture #...

SOCI 2150Y
ENGL 2609H Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Girolamo Fracastoro, Sophocles, Iliad

ENGL 2609H Contagion Kelly McGuire January 7, 2019 Introduction to the Course Why This Course? o Intersections between literature and medicine o Interdisciplinary o Contemporary cultures ongoing fascination with the subjec...

English Literature
ENGL 2609H
Kelly McGuire
HIST 2102H Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Antoine-Henri Jomini, Mao Zedong, Carl Von Clausewitz

Andrea Chand HIST-2102H Richard Goette January 8, 2019 Intro to War and Society: Military Principles, Theory, History war has had a huge impact on society society also influenced war in social, economic, ideological, and t...

HIST 2102H
Richard Goette
SOCI 2220H Lecture 2: SOCI 2220H - Lecture #2

find more resources at SOCI 2220H Social Inequality Elizabeth Torrens January 14, 2019 ...

SOCI 2220H
SOCI 2615H Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Sage Publications, Social Inequality, Murder

SOCI 2615H Crime and Society Elizabeth Torrens January 10, 2019 IntroductionConceptualizing Crime Overview of Todays Class Part 1: o Introductions o Syllabus review o What this course is not o Course expectations o Academi...

SOCI 2615H
Elizabeth Torrens
GEOG 2460H Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Time Signature

find more resources at Lecture 2: Waves Quick intro Tsunamis have the longest wavelength Only when you have a surface, the waves break Gamma rays a...

GEOG 2460H
Hida Manns
CHEM 2620H Lecture 1: Lecture 1 Introduction

find more resources at Lecture 1: Introduction Properties of water Isotopes same element but different atomic mass o More or less neutrons Mos...

CHEM 2620H
Jean-Fancois Koprivnjak
GEOG 2460H Lecture 1: Lecture 1 Notes

Global Climate Systems Lecture 1 Outline Climate cycles Factors affecting climate locally and globally o Radiation o Water o Air Systems and Interactions Climate biomes Extreme weather events Climate history Climate change...

GEOG 2460H
Hida Manns
GEOG 2530H Lecture 1: Water Resource Management Lecture 1

Water Resource Management Lecture 1 Water is life We need it to live Geologists are able to determine certain geographic features cause by water The earth is blue and white which is water in air and sea Not available every...

GEOG 2530H
Catherine Eimers
COIS 3040H Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Software Architecture

WEEK 1 LEC NOTES COIS 3040 Monday, January 7, 2019 Architecture (a set of structures related to each other) System Decisions Difficult to change Scope: system Design (operations needed to add to classes) Module Design Deci...

Computing & Information Systems
COIS 3040H
NURS 3000H Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Pulmonary Edema, Shortness Of Breath, Hypotension

Ashcraft Article (p.211-215) Differentiating Between Pre-arrest and Failure to Rescue - This article discusses the importance of early recognition and intervention in pre-arrest. o CPR has very poor outcomeseffectiveness (...

NURS 3000H
Jane Tyerman
NURS 3000H Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Hypovolemia, Neurogenic Shock, Metabolic Acidosis

Chapter 69- Shock, Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS), and Multiple-Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS) SHOCK - Syndrome characterized by decreased tissue perfusion and impaired cellular metabolism - Results in a...

NURS 3000H
Jane Tyerman

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