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Cultural Anthropology - religion, ritual and magic

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ANTH 1010H
Lynda Mannik

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Cultural AnthropologyMarch 11 2014Religion ritual and MagicEdward Tylor1860s magic religion and science are all alike Religioninvolved beliefs and rituals concerned with supernatural beings powers and forces Explaining the world and how they should live in it provides meaninghelps understand tragedies and adversityMobilizes emotion sharing belonging and community DefinitionsSupernaturalextraordinary realm beyond the observable world based on faith and nonempirical information MythsA story or narrative explains culturally understood aspects of the world or world view often ambiguous with supernatural characters Categories of Religion according to TylorAnimismAll things have a spirit consciousness or soul PolytheismBelief in multiple gods Monotheismbelief in a single all powerful god Nontheismbelief that no gods exist MagicSupernat
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