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Lecture 8

COIS 2240H Lecture 8: WEEK 8 part 2

Computing & Information Systems
Course Code
COIS 2240H
Alaadin Addas

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WEEK 8 part 2
COIS 2240
Monday, February 26, 2018
Java Interfaces
So far so good
We have defined what an interface is
How we interface
The last question is why?
Things you can do with interfaces
Achieve polymorphism
Interfaces are more flexible because a class may implement many different interfaces
Interfaces are preferably used when there is no default
Interfaces are not perfect, they have their drawbacks.
*When implementing methods that are from an interface, You always need to override them.
Java Abstract Classes
Interfaces do not actually contain any method implementations they are simply just templates
Abstract classes function like a base class for other classes
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