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Lecture 10

COIS 2240H Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: JavafxPremium

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Computing & Information Systems
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COIS 2240H
Alaadin Addas

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WEEK 10 session 2 lec notes
COIS 2240
Thursday, March 15, 2018
Recap- JavaFX
How do we handple events in java?
A JavaFX application must have a start method, what does this start method have to extend
A handler class must implement the EventHandler interface, what is the method that you have to
override in order to implement that interface
Java Exceptions
Before we delve into I/O (input/outpit) we nee dto talk about exceptions
That is due to the fact the many different I/O calls require use to have exceptions handled
We handle I/O exceptions because we need to know if the file is there
- any error in opening a file or closing a file for example needs to be handled gracefully. That is
why exceptions and I/O go hand in hand
- If there is an error pertaining opening.
Handling Errors
Three are two main approaches to handlediing eroors when programming
LBYL- Look before you leap
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find more resources at
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