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Lecture 3

Week 3 Unavoidable Love Poems Lecture Note

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Trent University
ENGL 1005H
Hugh Hodges

Unavoidable Love Poems - History - Medieval wandering musicians : Troubadour o Particular form of love they celebrated  Adolescent love, heart pounding, chivalry o Heroic love, grandiose - Default to romantic love, not other kinds of love - Worlds first love poem: 8 century BCE Babylonian o Sexual love, romantic, and divine love o Plays around with conventions - George Herbet, “Love” o Communion with God, divine love o Supreme god, then comes home to dinner, the wife, and sexual arousal o Uses all loves in one - Elizabeth Barrett Browning “How Do I Love Thee?” o Starts grand, soul reaches  Backtracks by day work, like a child loves something • Runs into trouble at the end, when she says God must be loved more th - Anglo-Saxon Riddle, 10 CenturyAD o About onions… love of onions - Shakespeare’s Sonnet 17 o To another man o His masculine patron  Not evidence of homosexuality  Love poem written to patrons, as appreciate o Using conventions of love poems as a way to talk about a different relationship  To a patron to support you financially - Shakespeare’s Sonnet 138 o Man loving woman o Doesn’t trust his beloved, know she “lies” around  Loves her anyways, only way it can keep going is to not talk about the distrust and deceit going on o Poem about himself and experience with love, about fears, revelations, self- deception, poem of hatred  Hates that he loves her - Love poetry is always about romantic “baby” love o Shows platonic love, sexual, self, maternal, divine  Almost always about the poet using the conventions of the love poem and finding in that the complexities
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