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Lecture 6

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ENGL 1005H
Hugh Hodges

Medical Science Frame - Asks many questions about human nature o Certain conceptual limits  Due to the frame of medical science - Interested in medicine, human mortality o Nelly interested in death - Three babies in the novel, no pregnancies o Just appear - Genuinely weird things happen o Just couldn’t depict birth in a novel o Had to be medical literature  Had to explicit, and was explicit because it was male discussing it with other males Healthcliff as a Gypsy… (see slides) - Comes from somewhere other than England, doesn’t matter where - Similar to Frances o Only difference is that she is English, he is not Two Genres - Gothic vs Comedy of Manners o Comedy of Manners  Judged socially, how they act • Determines who you are o Gothic  The hidden • Concealed nature of things • Who we are, our secret nature, determines how we act o E.g., people lie because they were born deceivers - Debate on what world this is (gothic of comedy of manners) o One narrator who thinks (lockland) that comedy of manners o Nelly who sees the world with perverse secrets - Physiognomy (see slides) o Means a person’s facial features or expression, the face, the countenance (lockland)  Info he expects to gather is their behaviour, attitude (see next slide), who they are, figure out how to behave with people
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