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Lecture 4

Week 4 Like Water for Chocolate.docx

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ENGL 1005H
Hugh Hodges

Background and Foreground - Some things in the background come out in foreground as important - Notice when an author puts something in the background o Notice what happens when the thing in the background comes into the foreground, despite whether or not the author intended it to Magic Realism - Intertwining fantastical things into realism - With LWFC, the excess o Too much love, sorrow, pain - Surrealism: psychological reality - Magic realism: material reality Mexican Civil War - LWFC takes place in 5-6 year period during the revolution o Primarily about wealth distribution  Virtually impossible for citizens to buy land, and therefore survive in an agrarian culture • Worked as mere slaves o Had counter revolution efforts, other intervening forces and countries - Goes on in th
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