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Lecture 5

Week 5 First Half of Wuthering Heights.docx

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ENGL 1005H
Hugh Hodges

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Framing devices and bias nature - Backgrounds are always there, subtly - Frames can be moved, used in certain times and places Frame of Genre - Gothic o Supernatural elements and creepy settings o Isolated heroes and heroines o Set in the more romantic past o Unrestrained passions predominate (sensibilities) - Comedy of Manners o Verisimilitude o Pairings and marriages of ordinary families o Nostalgic not-so-long-ago o Unrestrained passions as dangerous to well-regulated emotions (reason and sense) - Wuthering Heights & the Earnshaws VS. Thrushcross Grange - Tale of Two Houses? o Wuthering Heights “bad”  Health  Maturity/growth  isabella o Thrushcross Grange “good”  Sickness  Childishness  Catherine - Genre: the family saga of the two houses as an exploration or renegotiation of different ways of shaping historical reality in narrative? An experimental novel? - Time contemporaneous with French Revolution o Ends with beginning of the Napoleonic Wars o Book published in Industrial Revolution - History: family saga an exploration of the tensions between new hopes for individual liberty and the crushing reality of industrial production? English Society - Social division upon the moors…. - North and South o Lockwood from the South, visiting North o Isabella flees to the south, raises Linton there - City & Country o Lockwood from the city, seeking retirement in the country o Eearnshaws and Lintons - Upper and Lower Class o Nelly Dean and Lockwood - England and Empire o Healthcliff “a dark skinned gyspy in aspect, in dress and manners a gentlemen” - English Society: lockwood’s encounter with the complicated relation between the families an exploration of changes in, and predictions Broken Frames - Isabelle the Prude, Joseph the Bible Thumper - Two Voices of Conventional Morality: Howling Uselessly o Two figures of usually reliable info on matters moral – the faithful old servant and the young, innocent maid – both try and fail utterly in any understanding or explanation of Heathcliff Crooked Frames - Lockwood the Gentleman and Nelly Dean the Maid o Misunderstandings, mistakes and then misjudgements and lies - Narrative frames within frames o Linton’s journal: narrative present  Catherines journal: narrative present from the past  Nelly Dean’s story: past tense • Healthcliff, Isabella, Catherine, cathy, Zillah o What are each of the stories agenda? Why? - Lockwood o Present tense writing, announcement and discussion that focuses on himself o Perversion of communal values and narrative: beauty is the desolation, the comradeship is in isolati
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