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Lecture 4

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ENGL 1005H
Hugh Hodges

Week Four Notes Like Water for ChocolateAnxiety about love and not being able to find love is present very often Anxiety also appears when characters worry about protecting the ones they love oTita worries that she will not find love because being the youngest of the family she is not allowed to marry and instead must take care of her mother If she couldnt marry was she at least allowed to experience love Or not even that 12oTita is afraid to tell Gertrudis of her pregnancy because she is unsure of what Gertrudis reaction will be she loves her sister and wants her support in the matter She knew that today was the only day she had left to tell Gertrudis about her problem and even though she was dying to get it off her chest and confess to her sister she was worried about what attitude Gertrudis might take with her 188oTita worries about having love when Rosaura separates her from Esperanza she considers marrying John in order to have a family of her own and find love with him John in contrast was offering her something different the opportunity to establish a new family that no one could take away from her He was a marvelous man she loved him very much As time went by it wouldnt be hard to fall deeply in love with him 217oTita feels anxiety and doubt when trying to decide if she wants to be with Pedro or John John rose to push in her chair and treated her with the same tenderness and respect as always What a fine man he was How he had grown in her eyes And how the doubts had grown inside her head 224oTita feels very anxious with her decision knowing what effect it will have on her life Of course she knew Of course she was going to take that into account when she made her decision that crucial decision that would determine her whole future 224Longing and aching are other emotions related to love and being kept from the one you loveoThey are seen as Tita longs to be able to find love Tita longs to be able to marry and does not want her sister to marry the man she loves instead Tita knew Chencha sometimes exaggerated and distorted things so she kept her aching heart in check She would not accept what she had just heard 14oSeeing Titas sadness and aching over lost love reminds Mancha of the love that she lost She frosted the cake with the meringue icing as well as she could and went to her room a terrible aching in her heart She cried
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