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Lecture 2

ENGL 4300Y Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: George A. Romero, Consumerism, Fourth Wall

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ENGL 4300Y
Charmaine Eddy

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ENGL-4301H January 14, 2016
Seminar Two
The Romero Zombie and Consumer Capitalism
Week Six Shaun of the Dead
Movie – White Zombie
The representation of zombies in 1939
These zombies do not eat flesh or brains
Not about consumption
Zombie just looking up
Reference to slavery in the West Indies
Doesn’t have the sense of gore not half eaten bodies
Whiteness as mindlessness
Dawn of the Dead (1978, dir. George Romero)
Shopping mall place of entertainment and depicts a consumer culture
They take possession of the shopping mall when the bikers come in they feel
the need to defend it
Structured image of consumerism stores are set up in an orderly manner
A domestic space within the mall their way of taking control; also acting as a
shrine for the past
The spaces they create recreation of domestic spaces
The bikers representing how the world has no order now
Pregnant mimicking the possibility of a new/nuclear family
Clinging to class structure as they try on the fancy clothing
Mimicking the way the old society worked the dinner
Morality tied to the special sense
Manikins confusion of being a zombie, represents consumer culture, uses them
for shooting practice
Turning off the TV rejecting the media, wanting to do their own thing and not
rely on others
Products in the mall seem infinite
Excessive phase is when they go to shopping for the second time they take
things they do not really need
Different set of mall users zombies and the people
Hold over of a certain hierarchy
Criminal element continues to repeat
The woman and the black man are the ones who survive would benefit from a
new social order
Pie in the face scene they are so slow that they can be a clown to them, shows
the zombies as less of a threat
The threat is when there is a lot of them (numbers), one is no big deal
The removal of the dead zombies like housekeeping
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