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Lecture 7

ENGL 4300Y Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Richard Dyer, Female Vampire

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ENGL 4300Y
Charmaine Eddy

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ENGL-4301H February 25, 2016
Seminar Seven
The Vampire – The Gothic and Sins of the Flesh
Presentation One – Christian
The ever changing nature of Dracula’s form (the scene with the shadow in the
In multiple ways Dracula is always present
He is everywhere and all things (bats, wolf, vampire, etc.)
Dracula’s ownership over the him during the pit scene “he’s mine”
The home can be invaded
Presentation Two – Natalie
Went over important people
Focus on the Domínguez-Rué article
Count Dracula the vampire has become a recognizable ‘monster’ and cultural
Coppola wanting some scenes to resemble an erotic dream
Comparisons between zombies and vampires
Women being the object of focus
Women going through transformation
Jonathan and the sister brides
Vampire orgy scene very sexual, not feeding on him substance
Telling Mina to drink to be internal offering a choice, arms like Christ/cross
while she is drinking
Reading Dracula and the Christ-like figure
Compared to zombies, which become essentially asexual upon “zombification”,
vampires seem to be become even more erotically charged post-transformation.
How did the level of eroticism in Coppola’s film measure up to your
expectations/previous experiences with the vampire genre?
A deeper kiss transmission of fluids
Book written before the sun killed vampires
The boxes of dirt the vampire needing its homeland
Mirrors to be comic during the sex scene; Dracula bursting the mirror so the
man couldn’t look into it
Only women turning into vampires, not men (from article)
Dracula raping Lucy in the garden
Playing up the love story to make it less rape centred
Women attracted to the ‘bad boy’
Bram Stokers Dracula
Religious tradition of drinking the blood
Auerbach, Nina. From Our Vampires, Ourselves
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