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Lecture 3

ERST 3110H Lecture 3: Research Project Proposal

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Environmental & Resource Studies
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ERST 3110H

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Jami Cernele Submitted to: John Jackson Local Waste Management th Thursday January 19 2017 Research Project Proposal ERSC 3081 - Winter Implementing an In-vessel composting system at Trent University Introduction/Background: The focus of my proposed project paper is to highlight the issues with the current composing system at Trent University, and to transform the current program into a more efficient, in- vessel system. On top of being a fool proof waste diversion tactic for Trent University, the proposed in-vessel composting system could very potentially educate and act as a catalyst for other universities and colleges to follow suit. Trent University is currently searching for a new composting program to be implemented, for anonymous reasons. This research paper will allow me to explore, analyze and critique the current composting system that exists within Trent University’s boundaries. Compostable organic wastes dominate 30-50% of North America’s wastes (Bumberg & Gottlieb, 1989; The Compost Resource Page, 2003). Large quantities of these wastes are placed alongside wastes being placed in landfills. Facilities and institutions such as Trent Universities generate considerable amounts of waste. In the year 1997, Trent University generated 474.73 tonnes of waste, and since then, the student population has grown by 20% (Salazar, 2003). It is fair to assume that the waste generated has increased significantly since. Prior to any composting system being implemented at Trent University, a local pig farmer had collected all of the universities food wastes. When the contract had come to an end, the university looked for private haulers, which had not been ideal for reasons unknown, and all of the food waste was ending up in landfills at quite an unnecessarily costly rate, with the option of composting in the air. This paper will show the repercussions of an implemented in-vessel composting system for Trent’s campus. Benefits of project: This research project paper is being conducted in an in orderly problem solving manner. The issue will be addressed in about 5-6 different sections that will gradually end with a suggestion or proposed new in-vessel composting system for Trent University. Even if the system is not utilized, many key points are able to be taken from this paper and what it has to offer. The other benefit of this project is to educate myself, and the others that I am able to pass my new knowledge involving the large-scale, small-scale and most importantly local-scale issue of waste management regarding fo
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