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Lecture 2

ERST 3110H Lecture 2: Lecture Generation of Municipal Solid Waste

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Environmental & Resource Studies
ERST 3110H

Lecture Generation of Municipal Solid Waste • Paper for waste audit: Where it was generated (home), think about why that waste got generated, what could you do differently • Big problems – definitions are different by jurisdiction • Canada’s waste audits are very bad – we do not conclude incineration as waste diversion, but Europe does • Usually the most recent audit is not last year’s audit – we are looking at old data to begin with and that is found in so many fields – the process is very lengthy and takes a long time to make a conclusion and provide it to the public • Per capita in Canada – 1940 to 2010 – All the waste data we’ve been showing “waste generation” whether it went to recycling, composting, etc. it is the waste that is generated – fairly even per capita up until 1960’s, then we see an escalate per capita (doubles in these years) and then levels off again in the year 2000. Why? Improving our waste audits, catching more waste than we have before (reason for the doubling). 40’s to mid 50’s, there had been major increase in waste and in production of product during the second world war for war purposes. In terms of consumer consumption, during the war was lower (they had to save resources and divert that to the war effort). When the war ends, you don’t just close down the factories. • Disposed waste in Canada (2004 to
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