GEOG 2040Y Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: James Bay Project, Clayoquot Sound, Walkerton E. Coli Outbreak

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13 Feb 2016
GEOG-2040Y April 6, 2015
Summary and Final Exam
April 15, 2:00pm, SC 137
Two hours in length
Covers all material from winter term
Essay and short answer
Short answer section: (1/3 of marks)
Definition/explanation of specific terms, concepts or events
2-3 sentences
Choice of 5 form 7 questions
Long answer section: (2/3 of marks)
Broad questions
3-5 paragraphs
Choice of two out of three questions
A good exam will:
Demonstrate sound knowledge of key concepts, terms and overarching themes
Demonstrate sound knowledge of the readings and other course materials by
explicitly incorporating them into answers
Communicate clearly (legible writing, well organized, coherent answers)
Section III Recap: Material World
The New Resource Economy and Global Trade
Twin processes of globalization and neoliberalism
Non-state market driven governance
Media, environmental organizations, and First Nations have become major
actors – sometimes bypass governments to target directly
Governments and industry need to at least ‘appear to be supported by a wide
Clayoquot Sound and the “Battle for the Trees” (film)
Showing pivotal conflict of change in the new economy structure
Food Security and Water Quality
Food security: “when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe,
nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life”
Impacts of trade liberalization and climate change
Disproportionate impacts on Aboriginal communities
Walkerton Tragedy
Dene Elders Louise and George Mackenzie from the Tlicho Nation
Talking about their efforts to deal with mining companies coming into
the Northwest Territories – utilizing traditional knowledge
Significance of energy production domestically and for export
Energy production and identity (i.e. Quebec, Alberta)
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