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Lecture 5

HIST 2110Y Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Sugar Act, Mutiny Acts

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HIST 2110Y
Jeremy Milloy

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October 9, 2013
The Seven Years’ War and British Triumph in North America
Assignment 1A
Give a report and give recommendations
Writing the year before the revolution starts
Can approach the assignment like the revolution is not going to happen
Write report based on knowledge at the time
Good summary of the situation
Assignment not about research, use lecture and seminar materials
60% based on evidence, 40% based on writing
Make an argument, one way or the other
House of Lords
Like the Senate but with more power
General Wolf – hero of the Seven Years’ War
British Empire
Through the 1750s membership in the British Empire was a point of pride and
security among the colonist
25 years later, these feelings had been replaced by distrust and bitterness, and
revolution was nigh
It was the aftermath of victory in the Seven Years War, Britain’s greatest triumph
in North America, that precipitated the collapse of the relationship between
London and the colonies
1707 British parliament becomes more powerful, King becoming equal
Before the 1700s the parliament serves that the monarchs pleasure because the
monarch could get rid of them if he wanted
People in England were making a lot of money from trade in America
Colonial affairs were decentralized
Royal officers were appointed from England, some were principle people who
wanted to do their jobs while other were bribed to do their job, some people sublet
their job to other people
Colonies are accustomed to being independent
Colonies saw themselves as loyal English subjects, not Americans
Ties were stronger with England than the other people in America
1754 a group on colonists came together and plot defense from France
The Seven Years’ War
The North American theater of this conflict is sometimes called the French and
Indian War
Many define it as actually a 9 years war (1754-1763)
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