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Lecture 5

HIST 2200Y Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Crimean War, Grand Duke, Frederick William Iv Of Prussia

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HIST 2200Y
Antonio Cazorla- Sánchez

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HIST-2200Y October 16, 2013
Constructing National States
From 1848 to the Unification of Italy and Germany
The Revolution of 1848
Potato blight – 3 years of bad harvest and weather, potato was the main food that
peasants ate, 1 million people in Ireland died of hunger, rotten potatoes
Millions of workers were unemployed
The standard of living was declining
In 1847 there were meetings in Paris, organized by the upper class to protest
against the monarchy, these meetings were later on band
People of Paris started to set up barricades then the army came in and fired at the
protesters, 40-50 people were killed, rumors spread very quickly
Victor Hugo – French writer, a passionate supporter of republicism, was burned in
the Pantheon
Louis-Philippe – became king of France after Charles X was forced to abdicate,
he himself was forced to abdicate and lived his life in exile in England
Lamartine – was a French writer, poet and politician who was instrumental in the
foundation of the Second Republic
Louis BLANC – vice assistant of workshops (financed by property taxes)
Clubs for women start appearing in France
Middle and upper classes became worried that workers were getting too powerful
so they created a national guard
Thousands of workers took the streets of Paris
More then 10,000 workers were killed or injured, 12,000 were arrested, others
were deported to the Caribbean which meant death because there was no modern
Louis Napoleon – nephew of Napoleon, came to power by elective vote because
he was the only one who had a public present and who the people could
remember, made promises that he did not keep, declared himself emperor
Napoleon III and dictator for life, dreamed of creating a big empire like his uncle
which eventually cost him his throne
Italy 1848 – Piedmont-Sardinia helped unify Italy, ruled by King Charles Albert I
Italians did not speak Italians, they spoke different dialects of other languages
Map shows Italy in 1861
January 1848 a revolt broke out in Polermo, Sicily
In Venice there was a rebellion which drove the Austrian army out of the city
Peasants in Sicily just wanted land
Members of the bourgeoisie in the north who had an education supported the
unification of Italy
Victor Emmanuel II was the first king of unified Italy
Garibaldi – organized the redshirts for revolt, conquered all of Sicily then
conquered the kingdom of Naples
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