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Lecture 10

HIST 2200Y Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Genrikh Yagoda, Vyacheslav Molotov, Spanish Civil War

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HIST 2200Y
Antonio Cazorla- Sánchez

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HIST-2200Y November 27, 2013
From Soviet Power to Stalinism
Main technique used in war
Lenin and Stalin and makers of the revolution
The November Revolution
Called the October revolution for the Russian and November revolution for us due
to different calendars
July 1917 first attempt by the Bolsheviks to seize power
Lenin escaped
Kerensky – independent socialist, tried to rally revolutionary forces out of Russia,
tried to imitate Napoleon, he was supported in parliament by most left wing
parties but the Bolsheviks, gave weapons to left wing parties to defend the
Kornilov – general in the army, marched with some troops to the capital, was
defeated by Kerensky
Bolsheviks gained control of the Soviets
In October before the Revolution Lenin returned, he tried a second attempt to gain
power, argued there was no one to defend them
Trotsky – Bolshevik, was in charge of the Soviet military
When the soldiers heard they were going to be sent to the front they sided with the
Kerensky fled when the Bolsheviks gained power by November 7th
After months of negotiation on march the 3rd the treaty of Brest-Litvosk was a
peace treaty signed between the new Bolshevik government of Russia (the
Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic) and the Central Powers (Germany,
Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey), which ended Russia’s participation in
WWI; Russia lost oil and cotton and agricultural land
Bolsheviks quickly shot down the parliament and started repressing parties
Immediately a civil war started from 1918-1922, almost 13 million people died,
including the czar and his family in July 1918
Yekaterinburg – main industrial and cultural center in Russia
The Civil War, 1918-22
Cheka – named change for the Bolsheviks
There was growing food declines and repression from the people
The Bolsheviks were starting to feel trapped
May 1918 they introduced conscription, the Red Army, extremely harsh and
discipline, ruthless against their enemies
Put people in command and took their families as ransom, if the commander
switched sides his family would be killed, this was so they would be loyal to their
Poland was created out of parts of Austria-Hungary and parts of Russia
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