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Lecture 16

HIST 2200Y Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Raoul Salan, Pope Pius Xii, France 2

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HIST 2200Y
Antonio Cazorla- Sánchez

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HIST-2200Y February 5, 2014
The Difficult Stability
More German people died in the last 4 months than in all of the 4 years
Last months of the war was the hardest when regarding to the bombings
Society was broken down, cities were filled with refugees
Whole neighbourhoods that were taken over by groups such as the Pirates
The German population was close to starvation, generosity of the west Allies
helped keep them allowed – sometime the British were feeding the Germans
better than their people
Anti-fascist group was disabled by the Allies thinking that all Nazis were the
Many Germans were true anti-fascists
Resistance was seen from the people in many ways – hailing Hitler, failed to show
off at rallies, taking serious risks
4,000 Jews emerged after the war in Berlin, hiding under Hitler’s nose
Ulbricht – flown from the Soviet Union into German territory, was a leader
Adenauer – lead the CDU, conservative Catholic
SPD – social democratic, traditionally the most important party
CDU – Christian democratics, still today
Summer of 1945 there was an election, SPD was the most popular
KPD – communist party, small
Socialist were harassed to united
SED – unified socialist party, created April 1946, official name still today,
combining the SPD and KPD
RAF – British Royal Airforce
GDR – German democratic republic, communist controlled republic
Didn’t know what to do with the educated Nazis, their ideas
Germans became cynical in the last few months of the war because they were
promised things they never received
The process of forgetting and forgiven was almost over, even the people who
committed crimes
Hard winter in 1946-1947, refugees with no home (living everywhere)
In some parts of German refugees were 50%
Modern years of black market in Germany
The Allies had doubts, wanted to punish Germany, wanted to prevent Soviet
expansion, didn’t want millions to starve, Allies were morally superior to the
1 in 4 factories in Germany were dismantled and given to Soviet
Took German experts to Russia to work and took over factories, in the end more
than 50% end up in the hands of the Soviets
People started to move away from eastern Germany to western Germany because
they started to take notice of what was happening in the factories, also things were
doing better in the western
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