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Lecture 17

HIST 2200Y Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Cominform, Klement Gottwald, Ana Pauker

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HIST 2200Y
Antonio Cazorla- Sánchez

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HIST-2200Y February 12, 2014
Captive Nations
Communism in Eastern Europe
Broken Societies
Level of destruction was much more than in the east
Eastern Europe become under Soviet Union (Romania, Poland, Czech,
Yugoslavia, etc.)
Soviet domination is political and economic
Rapidly adopting the Soviet communist model
Trade redirected to other countries
Warsaw Pact – military alliance
Churchill declares an iron curtain has fallen in the middle of Europe, division of
The countries that were liberated by the Allies became democratic, liberated by
the Soviets became communist
Large scale of material destruction
Separation of minority
Lack of pervious democratic traditions – all but Czech were originally
dictatorships in eastern Europe, no one is attached to democracy as in Britain and
In the west the war stopped when the war ended, although in the east the war still
People end up wanting order, they are starving, most welcomed democracy for the
order, the people who did not were sent to camps
Policies of exploding the population were carried out
1937 infant mortality in eastern Europe was twice as high as in western Europe,
life expectancy was on average 6 years less in eastern Europe
Poland and Soviet Union were the main battle fields for WWII
German and Soviet practiced scorched earth, high destruction of property and
land, lead to the destruction of cities, Warsaw was almost completely erased
Mass destruction lead to an even lower standard of living in the east compared to
the west
6 million died in the Holocaust, 5 million were eastern Europeans
Innovation was the cause of some of the attacks, eliminating the higher ups
(example: professors) in Poland to eliminate their culture
When the Germans got in the Soviet Union they were not only looking for Jews
and communists, they were looking for educated people (aka destroying culture)
When the Soviets counter attacked they noticed many people followed the Nazis
due to national pride
Peasants were not highly affected, they were able to eat
WWII was about racial elimination, not only Jews
Murder and displacement for ethnic cleansing
No other nation in Europe suffers more than Russia, then Ukraine, then Poland
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