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Lecture 20

HIST 2200Y Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Money Supply, Deficit Spending, Monetarism

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HIST 2200Y
Antonio Cazorla- Sánchez

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HIST-2200Y March 19, 2014
The Crisis of the West (late 60s to late 80s)
From the Rebellion of the Youth to the Thatcher Era
The golden era was very different, people had a lot of trust
All of this was dismantled
Culture crisis started because students became dissatisfied with their education
and the war
The rebellion of the youth is linked to the youth culture
There was a change in the way they saw the youth
Youth was first seen as immature adults
After the war the society started to created a childhood
The 60s was a time of radical ideas – long hair for males and short hair for
Conservatives on the central right, social democrats on the central left, far left is
the communist parties (rigid, popularity is deciding)
Chinese cultural revolution launched in 1936, the youth taking control,
questioning authority, beating the professors
The youth representing the new left
1968: The Rebellion of the Youth
The New Economy – introducing the service sector
The service sector was rising in the 60s, the service sector needed a lot of
educated people like the industries
There was a rise in education due to this need
Transition between traditional industries to the new service industries
Women were integrated into the workforce because they were good at their
education, they knew they would have a job after their education, women were
beginning to be empowered
New wave of feminism because the idea was women would leave the workforce
when they have child so they could go home and take care of them
Huge wave of educated students
The government did not care enough about the students, a very triangular system,
full professors at the top of the pyramid (acting as a mini dictator, didn’t give big
lectures, only did small seminars)
Students felt their education was massified
European students only wrote one exam, there was a 50% fail rate
Paris in May – 1968 there was an uprising, students were protesting (student
revolt), unexpected violent turn, a student revolt becoming greater than expected
(factories being closed), first time there is a change from the youth
De Gaulle – president of France, popularity was declaring, called for a
referendum, he lost this referendum then declared and died the following year
Reached the conclusion that the state was too powerful
Terrorist groups rise and they are infiltrated by the secret service
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