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Lecture 21

HIST 2200Y Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Carnation Revolution, Futuro, Portuguese Air Force

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HIST 2200Y
Antonio Cazorla- Sánchez

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HIST-2200Y March 26, 2014
The Fall of Western Dictatorships
Athens Polytechnic School Uprising 1973
80 university students were killed when the army attacked their school
Liberated by the Allies in 1934
Truman decorum started the Cold War, was applied to Greece
After the civil war in 1949, the state was in poor shape and received help from the
Americans, invested in the army and police force
Greek army is going to be a huge army, affect the politics of the country
By 1949 Greece had over 250,000 policeman and soldiers
Most people were for modern politics
People voted for a central government, this becomes undermined by the royal
12% of the whole population will immigrant
In 1950 Greece joined NATO at the same time as Turkey, reinforcing the
boundaries because they were surrounded by communist countries
EOKA – gruella organization, Greek, wanted to eliminate the Cyprus people from
the British
Makarios – 3rd, archbishop and primate of the autocephalous Church of Cyprus,
the first president of the Republic of Cyprus, served for three terms
Wanted to unify Cyprus to Greece, huge riot started in Turkey because of this
Istanbul became free of Greek origin
Cyprus people forced the Americans to intervene, later there was a document
signed to give Cyprus their freedom
Right wing started to harass left wing and things started to go downhill for Greece
Karamanlis – was a four-time Prime Minister, twice President of the Third
Hellenic Republic and a towering figure of Greek politics whose political career
spanned much of the latter half of the 20th century; had frequent problems with
the palace
George Papandreu – prime minister, his son and grandson would follow his
footsteps, liberal politician, liberated (freed) the people from the Civil War (14
years after the war), wanted to stimulate the economy, was accused of being a
governed communist
Concentine the Second came to royal power and convinced Papandreu to drop
out, eventually he left the country
Papadopoulos – Prime minister, abolished the monarchy and got support from the
Americans, half a million people went to his funeral (1/4 of the population of
Ioannidis – replaced Papadopoulos, even more radical ideas
Communists decided to plot the invasion of Cyprus, wanted to unite Cyprus to the
mother land
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