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Lecture 2

HIST 2200Y Lecture 2: Seminar 2 (Sept. 25)

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HIST 2200Y
Antonio Cazorla- Sánchez

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September 25, 2013
Seminar 2
War and Politics in Spain
At the beginning of the 1800s, Spain was allied with France
People revolted for many reasons (strong Catholics, people wanted reform)
Artist Goya – painted The Third of May (location Madrid)
Two types of war in Spain – professional armies and civilian armies (guerrillas)
Napoleon stole the royal family
Best army at the time was the French army
Spain was the first to defeat the Napoleonic army using a civilian army causing
Napoleon to be outraged and send his best troops back to destroy Spain
Spain ran a political revolution just like France did when they stormed the
Bastille, making them the third country to have a constitution after US and France
Spain – the constitution of 1812
Church wants to keep its power, although at the time they were losing power and
When long men were drafted into the army villages had funerals for them or the
entire village would leave before they come to draft them
Peasants had no use for revolution and freedom, they were happy how they were,
they didn’t want to be drafted into the army
Britain is the world factory producing most of the trade
Napoleon closes down the British trade routes so they were willing to help Spain
to defeat Napoleon and take back Europe
Napoleon goes into Russia with half a million men because Russia withdrew from
the continental system
The Failure of Popular Counter- Revolution (Italy)
At the beginning of the 19th century Italy was not a country, only 2% spoke Italian
(educated people are Florence)
Italy existed before Italians existed
The clergy controlled everything
The peasants joined the centurions, although they did not follow what they were
supposed to be doing, they wanted things to stay the same
The Church feared the centurions would gain too much power and then they
would become social revolutionists
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