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Lecture 12

HIST 4600Y Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Vladimir Ivashov

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HIST 4600Y
Olga Andriewsky

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HIST-4600Y March 31, 2016
Seminar Twelve
How the War was Remembered…
Ballad of a Soldier (1959)
The story of a nineteen-year-old soldier Pvt. Alyosha Skvortsov (Vladimir
Ivashov) as he tries to make his way home for a visit during a six day leave
How is the war depicted? The Army? The home front?
Why do you think the film became so popular in the Soviet Union?
Begins with mother standing at the road people use to go in and out of town,
waiting for her son Alyosha to return home, knowing that he never would because
he died
Alyosha blows up two tanks and the commander offers him a decoration, instead
he asks if he can go home to see his mother
Two days to get there, two days to fix the roof, two days to get back
Humanizing the soldiers
Alyosha helps everyone
He is a peasant not a worker
The Ukrainian woman lying in a bed of flowers representing Ukraine itself
Alyosha is so virtuous never kisses her, offended by the wife cheating (taking
back the soap after giving it to her)
Meant to be a universal story for any country
The word Soviet Union is never mentioned
The named of the street is after a writer not Lenin or anyone of high
Never blood or corpses only death with dignity
Movie set in 1942
The can of meat says “meat” director reminding the watcher that the Soviet
Union is getting help from America
Things that are idealized relationships between soldiers and officers; the amount
of supplies they have access to
Mother is working on a collective farm
Never see anything about German atrocities otherwise never given a face
Never mentioned Soviet people only Russians and Ukrainians
Alyosha telling what needs to be told to the father, he does the same thing to
Alyosha both understand they are lying to each other; lies that need to be told
* Exam moved to April 20th at 11:59pm *
How various authors talked about Stalin’s wartime leadership
No footnotes
Well organized and coherent answer
Not expecting a completely polished paper
To discuss interpretations showing you understand the interpretations
At the end synthesize an answer
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