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Lecture #4: Health Promotion Planning

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Trent University
NURS 2000H
Anne Mac Leod

Lecture #4: Health Promotion Planning Part 1 Monday, September 30, 2013 12:05 PM Types of Planning Strategic Planning • To guide vision, mission, external stakeholders to address next 3-5 years • Driven by legislation, values, in response to problems noticed within organization, etc. • Strategic Planning Meeting ○ People to invite:  Invite stakeholders(other companiesinvolved in organization) - stakeholder rainbow  People who make decisions  Those who are most influenced by decisions • Projectsshould be in line with organization vision Program Planning • To guide population goals objectivesand activities, involve those most affected by the issue and those able to influence program delivery with short term objectives within 2-12 months Operational Planning • to guide the delivery of service,budgets, accounting, and collectionof evaluation data to guide quality and planning cycle Goals 1. Are encompassing or global 2. Include all aspects of a program 3. Provide overall direction 4. Are general in nature 5. Take a long time to complete 6. Do not have a deadline 7. Are not observed, but inferred because they include words like evaluate, know, improve,and understand 8. Are not easily or immediatelymeasureable Research Question related to Goals • 3 parts: ○ Situation: What is going on? ○ Intervention:What are we going to do about it? ○ Outcome:What will the intervention do? Outcome Objectives • What you hope will happen • Includes ○ Priority Population ○ Outcomes ○ Target Change ○ Under what conditions • Who will do what by how much by when? • Includes medium term and short term objectives Process Objectivesand Evaluation • Who received what product of how much by when? • Useful when you can't do a survey, but can measure how much of something was handed out Example #1: Obesity in Peterborough Goal: To reduce the Incidence of obesity harm in Peterborough County and City Rationale: Obesity can cause many health problems that in turn have many social and economic impacts on the community Method: Based on a practice question with situation, intervention,and outcomes Research Question: For people experiencing food insecurity in Peterborough (the situation), do neighbourhood markets (intervention) affect the proportion of obese people? (outcome) Medium Term Objective: 80% of people experiencing food insecurity visiting neighbourhood markets will increase their fruit and vegetable consumptionby October,2012 (results found by survey) Short Term Objectives: 90% of people experiencing good insecurity visiting neighbourhood markets will increase access to fruits and vegetablesby July 2013 (results found by survey) Process Indicators/Goals: 2 neighbourhood marketswill be established by June 2013 (observation) 500 promotionalflyers ill be distributed in the neighbourhood surrounding the neighbourhood market by July (count number distributed) Level Target for change & Relevant Theory Influencing factors Population & strategy stakeholders Individual Personal behaviour Stages of Change Knowledge Higher risk change (TTM) attitudes beliefs populations (de
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