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Lecture 12

PHIL 1100H Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Partialism, Stoicism, Land Ethic

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PHIL 1100H
Norlock Kathryn

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PHIL 1100
Lecture Notes
Week 12
Wednesday, April 5th, 2017
Relational Ethics
The individual is a basic, primary unit of value; direct duties to individuals with intrinsic
properties [unrelated to others]
The group or the whole is a basic, primary unit of value; duties to the whole or to the
group [because of the properties of the group]
A group is more than the sum of its parts
Relational Theories
The connections between individuals are basic, primary units of value, and individuals
are important as ‘relata’
oRelata: to be a member of a relationship
If you are a son or a daughter, you are a relata in a family relationship
You go to Trent so you are a relata in a Trent relationship
Sports team fan
Canadian citizen
Relata is just a descriptive term for one of the contributors to the relationship
This means that anyone/ thing can also be a relata without knowing it
A strand in a spider web, an ant in a colony, the first newborn human baby born in
Canada in 2018, etc.
Note that natural objects can be relata in ecosystems. A tree on the bank of the Otonabee
River is a relata in the river shed
Can have relata to things that you do not yet know such as you may get married and be a
relata to that relationship but you do not know that yet
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