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PSYC 1020H
Wolfgang Lehmann

Lecture 1-Context and Historical Perspective What is Psychology?  Views from bookstore, TV, movies, pop culture  NOT true psychology- very narrow perspective  Etymology:  Psyche = mind, spirit, soul –Greek =psyce  Logy = study of, discourse, to speak- Greek = logia  Study of the mind  Psychology is a science!  Foundations in research  Based on the empirical method- gaining and analyzing data  Textbook definition: psychology is the discipline concerned with behaviour and mental processes and how they are affected by an organism’s physical and mental state, and it’s external environment  Behaviour- actions, both overt and covert  Covert behaviours- not directly observed ex. Thinking, heart rate, sweating, hormone changes  Overt behaviours- easy to see ex. Talking, eating  Physical state- tired, alert  Mental state- happy, sad  Environment- other people, places Psychology is NOT…  Psychobabble- language using psyc terminology pseudo(fake)science- ideas put forth as science that are not (eg. Astrology)  Main difference- Empiricism  Observation  Explanation  Prediction  Testing Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)  First edition 1952- we are on 5 edition now  Glossary of descriptions for mental disorders  Check-list- how to tell if you ha
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