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Lecture 5

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PSYC 1020H
Wolfgang Lehmann

Lecture 5 Body Rhythms and Mental StatesBiological RhythmsInherent rhythm that controls or initiates various biological processesLinked to the cycle of days seasons etcBiological ClocksEndogenous rhythms control comes from withinNeural system that times behaviourAllows animals to anticipate events before they happenNot simply driven by external cues from the environmentFreeRunning RhythmsBodys rhythm in the absence of external cuesWithout input from external cueoRhythms within periods of 241243 hoursZeitgebersEnvironmental event that entrains biological rhythmsA time giverprograms the clockExample light resets the biological clockEntrainment determination or modification of the period of a biorhythmJet lag disruption in the entrainment of a persons biological clockoEast Westeasier to adjust West Eastharder to adjustNeural Basis of the Biological ClocksMain Neural ClockSuprachiasmatic Nucleus SCNoMain pacemaker of circadian rhythms located just above the optic chiasmoXcrossing over of eye nervesSuprachiasmatic RhythmsMetabolic activity of the SCN is higher during the light period of the daynight cycle
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